The museum's contemporary witnesses

In addition to Schwalbe, Trophy and Co, there are well over 300,000 objects in the collections of the DDR Museum. In addition to exhibiting, our core tasks also include collecting and preserving, so that future generations can be informed about the history of the DDR in the long term and the various sciences can conduct research on the subject.

The objects are recorded, restored and professionally archived in a large depot. You can gain an insight into this work in our object database.

We are happy to provide images of the more than 13,000 digitised objects. If you are interested, simply contact us. The objects are loaned out for exhibitions and educational projects. The prerequisite for this is that the conservation requirements are met.

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Motorbike Exhibition

The motorbike exhibition of the DDR Museum shows more than 130 GDR motorbikes on 800 square metres.

DDR Museum

The DDR Museum tells the story of a bygone state.

Your objects in our collection

Do you still own things from the DDR? In our list you will find the things that we are still looking for.

Object Database

Browse our online database with its thousands of photographs of objects from the GDR.