Visitor Regulations


These visitor and usage rules regulate the legal relationship between the DDR Museum Berlin GmbH, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1, 10178 Berlin – represented by the managing directors Gordon Freiherr von Godin and Quirin Graf Adelmann v. A. – and the individuals and legal bodies (»visitor«) during the visit of the DDR Museum. With the purchase of a ticket or by entering the premises of the DDR Museum the visitor accepts the visitor rules.

§ 1 Visit and house rules

(1) The visitors must follow the instructions of the supervisory staff. The supervisory staff is entitled to request the presentation of a valid ticket at any time.

(2) The museum management is entitled to take picture and sound recordings for representation and advertising purposes which show the visitor incidentally. The recordings can be permanently stored. The museum owns their sole right of use.

(3) In case of a concrete suspicion of theft the museum staff is entitled to check the suspected visitor. The museum staff is especially authorised to search this visitor’s bags. The museum staff is authorised to search the bags of visitors without a concrete suspicion if there is a concrete cause, such as for instance the sound of the theft alarm signal.

(4) Visitors who violate the visitor rules may be asked to leave the house and can be permanently barred from the premises by the museum management.

§ 2 Fee

(1) An admission fee is charged according to the fee index which is presented at the ticket box.

§ 3 Code of conduct

(1) The visitor is obliged to handle all exhibits and collection items with utmost care.

(2) Commercial photo, video and sound recordings as well as any form of advertisement are only allowed if a special written permission from the museum management has been obtained and a fee has been paid. The amount of the fee is based on the royalties for pictures by the Bundesverband der Pressebildagenturen und Bildarchiv e.V. (BVPA). Every act of violation of the above will be fined with 500.00 Euros.

(3) The visitors have to behave in such way as not to disturb, trouble or interfere with other visitors. Mobile phones have to stay switched off during the visit.

(4) Groups with children and adolescents – especially school classes – are only allowed to enter the museum accompanied by their responsible chaperone. During their visit the group will have to stay together.

(5) Smoking or handling flames, as well as taking along food and drinks are not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Animals are not allowed in the exhibition. Exceptions are made for service and guide dogs with verification shown at the ticket desk.

§ 4 Liability

(1) The visit of the museum is at one’s own risk. The museum, as well as its staff and assistants are under no circumstances liable for any damage or loss of property, unless deliberately caused or due to gross negligence.

(2) The nonliability according to clause (1) is made visible by obvious references in the entrance area.

§ 5 Liability of the visitor

(1) The visitors are liable for any damage caused by them. Legal agents are liable for any damage caused by their principals. Especially parents are liable for their children.

§ 6 Bounty

(1) In the event of a theft or wilful damage of property the museum management promises a reward up to 100 Euros for any indication which leads to a successful prosecution of the offender.

§ 7 Video surveillance

(1) The whole museum is controlled by a video system to protect the exhibits especially from damage and theft.

(2) The hereby acquired image files are solely used within an autonomous system of the DDR Museum and are not transmitted to any second party. In the event of a criminal offence those image files will be transmitted to the responsible law enforcement agency.

§ 8 Lost property

(1) Any items found on the museum’s premises have to be handed into the ticket office immediately. The items will be dealt with in accordance with the rules of the German Civil Code.

§ 9 Coming into effect

(1) The visitor and usage rules come into effect on the 14th of July 2006. The fee index is part of the visitor rules.