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The permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum tells the story of a past state. Numerous interactive stations, countless original objects to touch and try out, and scientifically based texts provide insights into the major political structures as well as the private living conditions of the population of the socialist republic.

The exhibition is not chronological, but divided into 47 thematic areas. In this way, it is possible for everyone to connect to their individual level of knowledge about the DDR and discover new things.  

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Life under socialism 

How did 16 million people live in the country that no longer exists? Germany had been divided for over 40 years, 28 of them by a wall in Berlin. The DDR Museum explains what influence politics, ideology and state security had on private life and how the population sought its niches in »real existing socialism«.  


The three large exhibition areas »Public Life«, »State and Ideology« and »Life in a Tower Block« invite visitors to question clichés, expand their own knowledge and compare everyday life at the time with their own.


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The museum concept »a hands-on experience of history« refers not only to the exhibits, but also to the exhibition technology. The interactive multimedia applications complement tried-and-tested exhibition elements such as dioramas and showcases. Many multimedia installations can be experienced exclusively in the DDR Museum. 


The unique mixture of hands-on elements, showcases, multimedia and haptic games inspires more than half a million people from all over the world every year. The extraordinary exhibition design and the way history is conveyed prove: History is not boring.

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A museum for the whole family

The DDR Museum wants to promote exchange between the generations. To this end, the exhibition is deliberately designed for those who are perhaps hearing about the Cold War era and the DDR for the first time. In a playful way, the exhibition invites children and young people on an exciting journey into the past. 

Some areas were developed especially for young visitors, e. g. the Trabant driving simulation, numerous games or the reconstructed youth room. There they come into contact with the history of children and young people in the DDR.


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