Your objects in our collection

Below you find a list of objects we are especially interested in acquiring. The list is not complete, however. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in possession of an object which does not appear on this list. We are unable to accept donations (e. g. delivered to the museum) without prior arrangements having been made. Please do not send us any parcels without first consulting with us – museum policy requires us to return these.

Please contact the staff at the collections of the DDR Museum via +49 30 847 123 7-35 or Thank you very much.

Personal items

  • design furniture
  • Eingaben (written complaints sent to the state) in original, copy or draft
  •  »Formo« toy bricks »Palast der Republik« (Palace of the Republic)
  • garden gnomes
  • musical instruments (e.g. flutes, violins, guitars, drum kits, keyboards etc.)
  • items bought with 100DM »welcome money« (e.g. a tape recorder, Walkman, clothes etc.)
  • items from holiday camps
  • photographs (e.g. of alternative youth subcultures), slides (e.g. of everyday working life)
  • self-made board games
  • skateboard »Germina Speeder«

Printed material

  • movie posters
  • price lists of any kind
  • propaganda posters
  • signed documents from the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the SED  
  • Versandhaus and Genex catalogues

Foreign relations

  • photographs/items relating to large projects conducted with the brother states (e.g. the Drushba pipeline)
  • photographs/items relating to foreign workers in the DDR


  • men’s coats
  • self-made clothes
  • sports clothing

Food and Tabacco

  • cigarettes and cigarette packagings (e.g. Karo, Kabinett, Club)
  • food packagings (especially from the 1950s and 1960s)
  • tinned food

The public sphere

  • advertisements (printed advertisements, pavement signs, posters, advertising figure) from the 1950s and 1960s (DEWAG)
  • civil defence sirens
  • company signs, factory clocks, signs from public offices
  • furniture (e.g. lamps from public offices)
  • honour gifts from politics and economy
  • items relating to school sports
  • items relating to solidarity bazaars
  • photographs of border installations and border soldiers
  • »Polyplay« gaming machine
  • traffic signs and city limits signs

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