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Thank you for your interest in the motorbike exhibition and the DDR Museum. The information provided here is an invitation: Make your own impression and experience our exhibitions, talk to our visitors, be curious, ask us questions.

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DDR Museum publishes digital exhibition

5 Nov 2020 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the DDR Museum publishes the online exhibition »Painting Utopia – ›In Praise of Communism‹« on Google Arts and Cultures.
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DDR Museum is most popular sight in Berlin

12 Oct 2020 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
Survey of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) among foreign tourists published
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Press conference: »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Leisure, Culture, Travel«

25 Sep 2020 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
On the occcasion of the 30th anniversary of the Reunification, the DDR Museum presents the second volume of the trilogy »GDR in Objects 1949-1990«
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Press release and Invitation: »GDR in Objects 1949-1990«

7 Jul 2020 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
DDR Museum publishes collection volume »GDR in Objects. Daily Life, Home, Consumption« on the occasion of its 14th anniversary
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The DDR Museum welcomes its six millionth visitor

12 Aug 2019 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
In our 14th year of operation, we have reached a new milestone in our history – our six millionth visitor.
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»DDR-Guide« as an eBook in five languages

31 May 2018 by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke
The »DDR-Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition« is now available as an eBook in five languages. The book, which is both a guide through the interactive exhibition and a basic reference book about life in the DDR, is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian for 2.99 Euro in all popular eBook shops and in the online shop of the DDR Museum.
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FAQ for journalists

May I interview visitors at the DDR Museum?

In general, the DDR Museum has no objection to journalists interviewing visitors about their opinion of the museum. We will appreciate if you first contact the spokesperson Vanessa Jasmin Lemke before your visit to outline the scope of your project. Experience has shown that our visitors are happy to share their experiences and impressions of the exhibition. We would request, however, that you proceed with respect and not subject them to any form of pressure. We seek to ensure that our visitors enjoy their experience of the exhibition.

Can I film during the opening hours of the DDR Museum?

Yes. Please consider that the DDR Museum is usually well-visited and that it might be noisy in the exhibition space. Filming requires the prior permission of our press office. The only condition attached to filming work is that our visitors are not disturbed during their visit. We will neither seal off any areas nor tolerate any attempt to do so.

Is entry for journalists free of charge?

Yes. Simply show your press accreditation to get a press card free of charge. We will issue one press card per press accreditation.

Can I take photographs in the DDR Museum?

Yes, if the photographs are used solely for the purpose of reporting about the DDR Museum. All other forms of use require clearance from our press office. Please be aware of the current General Data Protection Regulations.

How can I find an interview partner?

A number of interview partners are available. If you are interested in the museum and its history, its background and its projects, we advise you to address your questions to the spokesperson Vanessa Jasmin Lemke. If you have any questions about the history of the DDR, our academic director Dr Stefan Wolle will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact Mrs Lemke to arrange an interview in advance.

How can I receive updates from the DDR Museum?

You can subscribe for the DDR Museum press mailing list. Please write to You will receive all press releases.

Can I film without the presence of visitors?

It is possible to film in the DDR Museum before or after our opening hours, from Monday to Friday, before 9 am or after 9 pm. If you are reporting on the DDR Museum, we will issue a filming permit free-of-charge. It is also possible to use the museum for other purposes (e.g. as a backdrop for filming) for a charge. In either case, please contact Mrs Lemke in advance.

What are the lighting conditions like in the DDR Museum?

The DDR Museum has little natural light. Filming usually requires additional lighting. There are a number of power sockets in the museum which you can use.

Where can I find press images?

Printable press images are available for download here. These may be used free-of-charge for reporting purposes. The copyright is “DDR Museum, Berlin 2021”. Other uses for these pictures require the express consent of our Press Office. Please address your requests to

When did the DDR Museum open?

The DDR Museum was opened on 14th July 2006. The opening was attended by the back then Culture Senator and the Mayor of Berlin. The museum opened its doors to the public on 15th July 2006. Since then, more than 6.5 million (as of 9/2020) people from all over the world have visited the museum.

How did the museum come about?

Whilst visiting Berlin, the ethnologist Peter Kenzelmann wanted to visit an exhibition about the DDR. Unable to find such a museum, even after approaching the tourist board, he decided that he would have to open the museum himself. There were a range of museums and memorial sites focusing on specific topics – e.g. the Stasi Museum or the Memorial Centre for the Berlin Wall – but nothing which provided an overview of all the aspects of life in the former East Germany and the influence of the socialist state on its citizens.

Where do you obtain your artefacts?

The majority of our artefacts are private donations. Some objects are on long-term loan; others such as the Trabant were purchased by the museum.

How many objects does the DDR Museum own?

Our collection comprises more than 300,000 objects (as of 1/2021) stored off-site in a warehouse. Security considerations mean that the warehouse must remain closed to the public.

Can I film in the DDR Museum warehouse?

Security considerations mean that we cannot open our warehouse to the public. As such, it is only possible to film or photograph the warehouse after precise planning. We are happy to provide press photographs of our warehouse in print quality.