Any questions about your visit? Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Opening hours

Is DDR Museum: Motorbike also open on Mondays?

Yes, it is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Is DDR Museum: Motorbike also open on public holidays?

The it is open every public holiday. On 24 December and 31 December the exhibition closes at 4 pm.

What are the opening hours?

The exhibition is open Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm.

When is the latest time to visit the exhibition?

The exhibition closes at 9 pm. We therefore recommend coming at 8 pm at the latest. However, you are free to come until 9 pm at any time you wish (groups of 10 or more only after registration at besucherbetreuung@ddr-museum.de).


Where is the entrance to DDR Museum: Motorbike?

The entrance is located in the historic viaduct arches between Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt stations. Here you can see the exact location.


Is admission free on Thursdays?

No, as a private exhibition, DDR Museum: Motorbike is not financed by taxes, but solely by admission fees. Therefore, it is not possible to grant a general free admission.



Is admission free on Museum Sunday?

No, Museum Sunday is an event of the state museums. DDR Museum: Motorbike is private and is not financed by taxes, but by the entrance fees. Therefore, it is not possible to grant a general free admission.

How much is the entrance fee?

Regular admission costs € 8, reduced € 6.

Who receives the reduced admission price?

Reduced tickets are available for children over 6 years of age, schoolchildren, students, trainees, recipients of unemployment benefit II, people doing voluntary service and holders of severely disabled ID cards. The relevant valid proof must always be brought along.

Are there any reductions for pensioners?

No, there is no discount for pensioners.

Is the Berlinpass valid at DDR Museum: Motorbike?

Yes, with the Berlinpass you pay the reduced entrance fee of € 6.00. The reduction is only granted upon presentation of the valid Berlinpass.

Is the Berlin WelcomeCard valid at DDR Museum: Motorbike?

Yes, with the Berlin WelcomeCard, regular admission costs €6.50 and reduced admission costs €5.50. The reduction is only granted on presentation of the valid Berlin WelcomeCard at the ticket office of the exhibition.

Is the Museum Pass valid at DDR Museum: Motorbike?

No, as a privately funded exhibition, DDR Museum: Motorbike does not participate in the Museum Pass.

I have a severely disabled pass. Will my companion be admitted free of charge?

If your ID shows a »B« for the need for a companion, you pay the reduced admission price of € 6.00 and your companion receives free admission.

Who receives free admission?

Children under 6 years of age, persons accompanying a severely disabled person with a »B« on their severely disabled pass, visitBerlin employees, ICOM Card holders, members of the Museumsbund and Intoura e. V., the Association of Package Tour Operators, the Association of Berlin City Guides and journalists after completing the accreditation form. Valid proof must be presented in each case.

Online tickets

Can I also use my Berlin WelcomeCard when buying online tickets?

No, you can only use the Berlin Welcome Card when buying tickets at the ticket office on site.

Can I exchange my online ticket?

No, your online ticket is only valid for the day you have specified in advance. This day cannot be changed afterwards.

Can I cancel my tickets?

Cancellation of booked, time-bound tickets is not possible. If the ticket is not used, it will be forfeited.

Group bookings and guided tours

How many people are required to be considered a group?

The group rate is available for groups of 10 or more. Please register the group in advance at besucherbetreuung@ddr-museum.de.

We are a very large group. Can we visit the exhibition before or after opening hours?

Yes, please contact the visitor service at ​​​​​besucherbetreuung@ddr-museum.de.

How long can we stay in the exhibition?

As a group with a booked appointment, you may stay in the exhibition for as long as you wish.


Can I bring my dog?

No, it is not permitted to bring animals to the exhibition. Exceptions are registered guide dogs for the blind or assistance dogs. Proof must be presented at the ticket office when purchasing tickets.

Can I take photographs in the exhibition?

Yes, but only for private purposes. Any other use of photos must be approved in advance by the press office at presse@ddr-museum.de.

How much time should I plan for a visit?

According to the visitor survey, our guests need about 1.5 hours for the exhibition. But there are also people who spend four hours in the exhibition. So how long you need depends entirely on you.

Is the exhibition barrier-free?

The exhibition is spread over two floors, which are connected by a spiral staircase. It is therefore only possible for people with severe mobility impairments to view the upper section.

Is there an audio guide?

No, there is no audio guide.

In which languages are the exhibition texts?

The exhibition texts are in German and English. 

How can I reach DDR Museum: Motorbike by public transport?

S+U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz station
S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt station
Bus lines 100 and 200: stop S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf/Memhardstr.
Tram: M4, M5, M6: stop S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf/Gontardstr.

Are there parking facilities near the exhibition?

Yes, there are numerous paid parking areas and houses available in the surrounding area.

Is it allowed to eat or drink in the exhibition?

No, it is not allowed to eat or drink in the exhibition.

Do jackets and bags have to be handed in?

No, you may carry your jackets and bags with you at all times. It is not permitted to bring suitcases or travel bags into the exhibition.

Are there any toilets?

Unfortunately, there is no guest toilet. The nearest public toilets are in the shopping centre opposite.

Object donations

Can I hand in a donation of an object at the cash desk of DDR Museum: Motorbike?

Before making a donation, please contact the collections department at sammlung@ddr-museum.de. Donations of objects are only possible after prior consultation with the collections department. Unarranged donations will not be accepted.

Can the DDR Museum tell me how much an object from the GDR is worth?

No, the DDR Museum does not buy or sell objects. As we do not trade in the objects, we do not give any estimates of value, cost or selling price.